Light Leak – Part 2

52881022183_41c58427e0_kContinuing to ignore the basic rules of scientific investigation, I followed up on my search for a light leak with a 12-exposure roll of HP5 Plus, bulk loaded in a Leica FILCA cassette, shot with a Leica IIIf, exposed at ISO 800, and developed with Ilfosol 3 (1+9). I took particular care to remove my Apple Watch before the film and the developing tank went into the changing bag. I made no particular effort to otherwise protect the film in the cassette from the ambient light. As soon as I took the developed film out of the tank I could see that there were no light leak issues. The negative margins were clean and clear. So what do I know now? Continue reading “Light Leak – Part 2”

Light Leak?

52856601938_3f615c6d6a_bI have been seeing this sort of thing, light struck areas at the bottom of the frame, intermittently on some of my negatives for some time now. Checking through my notes, I find that it is not correlated with any camera, film stock, bulk loaded or factory cassettes, developing tank, etc. The only constant is that if it appears on any frame of a roll of negatives it appears on a number of the other frames, at least to some extent. The above is a frame from a bulk loaded 24-exposure roll of HP5 Plus in a Snap-Cap cassette, shot with a Nikon F6 and developed with Rodinal (1+50). The last roll of film I shot with that camera, the last roll of film I loaded in that cassette, and the last time I followed that developing regimen showed no such issues. So what went wrong this time? Continue reading “Light Leak?”