The Cost of Hybrid Film Photography Part 1 – Sunk Cost

When accountants talk about costs they make a distinction between a sunk cost, which is a cost already incurred that cannot be recovered, and a future cost, which is either a cost not yet incurred or a cost already incurred but which can be recovered. Future costs can be complicated to analyze. In the remaining posts of this series of articles I will only address marginal cost, which is the future cost of producing one additional unit.  Continue reading “The Cost of Hybrid Film Photography Part 1 – Sunk Cost”

Stitching Negative Scans


One reason I started this blog was as a repository for contributions to online discussions of technical photography issues that I find myself making over and over again. It will be easier to point to this post the next time someone complains that their software’s panorama function is not doing what they expected when stitching negative scans. Continue reading “Stitching Negative Scans”

Developing Film 4 – Process

It takes me about half an hour to develop a roll of 35mm black and white film. Here’s how I do it. 

I measure 5ml of Rodinal into the developer graduate and add distilled water to make 250ml. I measure 50ml of Rapid Fixer into the fixer graduate and add distilled water to make 250ml. I put 250ml of plain distilled water in the stop bath graduate and in the wash water graduate.  Continue reading “Developing Film 4 – Process”