Light Leak – Part 2

52881022183_41c58427e0_kContinuing to ignore the basic rules of scientific investigation, I followed up on my search for a light leak with a 12-exposure roll of HP5 Plus, bulk loaded in a Leica FILCA cassette, shot with a Leica IIIf, exposed at ISO 800, and developed with Ilfosol 3 (1+9). I took particular care to remove my Apple Watch before the film and the developing tank went into the changing bag. I made no particular effort to otherwise protect the film in the cassette from the ambient light. As soon as I took the developed film out of the tank I could see that there were no light leak issues. The negative margins were clean and clear. So what do I know now? Continue reading “Light Leak – Part 2”

Steady as she goes…

I have been discouraged of late by my lack of progress with photography. In discussing this with an online friend I came to realize that I was in a downward spiral. I would look at my recent contact pages and see few images that I thought warranted printing. When I did find one that looked like a possibility the resulting proof print was invariably disappointing. Even when the subject and composition looked promising the printed image was not something I would give to family and friends Continue reading “Steady as she goes…”