Merry Thanksgivoween

One more week and the secular holiday of Merry Thanksgivoween will be over. In New Jersey. Merry Thanksgivoween begins on the Tuesday after Labor Day (the first Monday in September), when all the grocery stores put out their displays of Halloween candy, and ends on the first weekday after New Years Day, when all the Christmas trees are put out at the curb for trash pickup.

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A New Start

I used to joke that our 105-year old house was staying just six months ahead of the wrecking ball. Then a year went by during which health issues kept me from doing any work on it at all. It was time to sell the house and move somewhere that we could live on one floor and not have to do any exterior work, including mowing a lawn or shoveling snow. We were fortunate that a booming real estate market let us sell the house in one week to a real estate developer and in the same week buy a condominium unit in a 55+ gated development just ten minutes away from the old place. As I told my friends, i wanted to move but I didn’t want to go anywhere. We negotiated a short term lease of the old house while a builder did a major rehab of the 50-year old unit.

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