Computer or Tablet?

I will get back to the bulk loading posts again, I promise, but rearranging everything to deal with the virus and the move to the new apartment with much less storage space than the old place has set back all of my photography-related activities. I have given up trying find room in our small second bedroom for an exercise bike, a guest bed, miscellaneous storage and the computer desk from our old home. I have to move several boxes every time I want to use the old iMac for my photo work. Instead, I have been working in the living room with my MacBook Air on my lap and earbuds in my ears while my wife watches television. This arrangement works well in some regards, but no so well in others. Continue reading “Computer or Tablet?”

Bulk Loading 35mm Film Part 1 – Cassettes

From left to right: Leica FILCA Cassettes, Nikon Reloadable Film Cassettes, Kodak Snap-Cap 135 Magazines.

Leica introduced the first popular camera using 35mm cinema film in 1925. There was no such thing as a preloaded roll of 35mm film. Leica, and then Contax and other 35mm camera manufacturers supplied cassettes to be loaded with bulk film by the user in the darkroom. A variety of bulk loading devices of differing complexity were introduced by the camera manufacturers and by various third parties. Continue reading “Bulk Loading 35mm Film Part 1 – Cassettes”