Steady as she goes…

I have been discouraged of late by my lack of progress with photography. In discussing this with an online friend I came to realize that I was in a downward spiral. I would look at my recent contact pages and see few images that I thought warranted printing. When I did find one that looked like a possibility the resulting proof print was invariably disappointing. Even when the subject and composition looked promising the printed image was not something I would give to family and friends Continue reading “Steady as she goes…”

No DX Coding? No Problem (Maybe)

51975668069_5e988fd43e_bDX coding (the black and white squares) on 35mm film cassettes make it unnecessary to manually set the film speed (ISO) on an auto-exposure camera that can read the code. Some of these cameras, including my Nikon N65, have no other way of setting the film speed in the camera.They typically default to a setting of ISO 100 with an uncoded cassette. Continue reading “No DX Coding? No Problem (Maybe)”