Scanning 6×6 Negatives

The 35mm film scanning setup I have developed over the last several years uses a digital camera, most recently a Fujifilm X-T20, combined with a Leitz BEOON copy stand and a 50/2.8 Schneider enlarging lens. It produces scans I really like. It is very fast and very easy to use. For the few 6×6 negative I have scanned recently I used the same setup,¬†taking six 35mm shots of the one 6×6 negative and stitching them together with¬†Panorama Stitcher. I like these scans too, but the process is neither fast nor easy. I have some old 6×6 scans that I did with an Epson V700 and some even older scans I did with a Canoscan 8800f. I have some 12×12 prints I made from some of those scans some years ago. They aren’t half bad but, sadly, both scanners went with the big sale before we downsized to our current quarters. But I recently found an Epson V600 at a very reasonable price and I bought it. I thought it would be interesting to compare the scans with the V600 and the stitching setup. Continue reading “Scanning 6×6 Negatives”