Making the Best of It

It has been a hard year, and not just because of the Covid. Repair work on the dam that creates the little lake near our home resulted in the water level dropping at least eight inches. I suspect that the effect on our mute swans’ nesting ground may have played a part in only one of their offspring surviving this year. Last year they had three cygnets and I am told that was typical.  Continue reading “Making the Best of It”

Scanning With a Digital Camera – A Brief Rant

I have written before about how I use a Fuji digital camera with a Schneider enlarging lens, a Leitz BEOON copy stand and a Logan light box to “scan” my negatives. And I have, from time to time, participated in online conversations about digital camera “scanning” in general, and my setup in particular. What surprises me in these conversations is how many participants lack both a basic understanding of optics, and the related vocabulary.

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