Digital Camera Scanning To Go


One of my favorite photography blogs is 35mmc. Hamish Gill and his team, along with their many contributors, often make me look at my own photography in new ways with their thoughtful reviews, technical articles, commentary on photography and news. A recent news article about the VALOI Easy35 really caught my attention.

I am very happy with my digital camera scanning setup using a Fujifilm APSC camera, a 50mm enlarging lens, and a Leitz BEOON copy stand. But I can not in good conscience recommend it to others because determining the necessary extension tube length for the particular enlarging lens and then finding one can be an exercise in frustration. And the BEOON itself can be difficult to find and expensive when you do find one.

The VALOI Easy35 is an IndieGoGo crowd funded venture. It’s an all-in-one 35mm scanning setup that uses a FF, APSC or Micro 4/3 digital camera and a macro lens. It has its own built in light source so a camera, a lens and the VALOI Easy35 are the complete and very compact kit. I was intrigued enough to take a chance on it. They are currently at 70% of goal with 21 days to go. If it works out and I get one I will give it a good workout and report the results here. 

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