Medium Format – Love/Hate with a Vengeance

29639245577_0ff04df6e3_bA new thread recently started on the Leica Forum, for pictures taken 30 or more years ago. I got out my binders of contact sheets of my older negatives to look for something I might post. And, as always happens when I do that, I was so taken with my medium format images from the 60’s that few of my 35mm images from the same era really appealed to me.  Continue reading “Medium Format – Love/Hate with a Vengeance”

Too Much Testing!


When I take pictures with a film camera I use Notes on my iPhone to record the equipment and materials and anything interesting about particular frames. When I develop a roll of film and make an inkjet contact sheet I print the notes from the iPhone at the bottom of the sheet. Reading through a lot of these notes recently I was struck by how many times the word “test” appears. Continue reading “Too Much Testing!”

Sine Qua Non of a Good Photo

Almost everything is negotiable when it comes to my thinking a photo is a good one. 

The one exception is that when viewing the photo as a contact print at a normal reading distance, or when viewing it as, say, an 8×10 print from 12 feet away, or any equivalent combination of size and distance I must either (a) be able to see what it is a picture of or (b) be interested enough to make me want to take a closer look. Continue reading “Sine Qua Non of a Good Photo”