Path and Fence

Leica IIIc, 50/2.8 Elmar, Foma 400, ISO 400, Rodinal (1+50)

An overcast day. My favorite weather for outdoor photography. And shade from overhead trees, so two stops open from Sunny 16 (1/400 at f/16).

I could have used 1/500 (the closest approximation to 1/400 on the IIIc) at f/8 but I thought I would like a little more depth of focus for the fence so I used 1/200 at f/11. I split the difference between the second and third post for focus. Left foot planted slightly forward, deep breath, hold for a moment, slowly breath out and just before running out of air release the shutter. I have been practicing holding the camera steady while standing and was pleased to see the sharpness of the lighter weeds against the darker background just left of the middle of the image.

I suspect that a falling tree sometime in the past was responsible for the kink in the top rail of the fence.

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