A Smaller Photo Travel Kit

My wife and I are leaving for a week of camping in the mountains of New York State. Because of health issues we have cut back on almost everything we are taking with us. My photo kit is no exception.

In the past I have always taken the big Gitzo tripod, regardless of the size of the camera or cameras I am taking. This year I am taking my Leitz table top tripod with the KGOON ball head. This combination works well supported against a tree, a building, or just about anything else that doesn’t move. It also works well as a chest pod with a Leica RF with its offset tripod screw mount. (Not so well with a Nikon SLR with its central tripod screw mount.)

In the past I have always seemed to wind up taking a Hasselblad or Nikon SLR with at least 3 lenses. This year I am taking the Leica IIIg with the 50/2.8 Elmar and 90/4 Elmar. The IIIg viewfinder has lines for both focal lengths so no external viewfinders are needed. I am also taking the ADVOO closeup kit that lets the 50mm Elmar focus as close as 20” in case I find any interesting smaller subjects. This kit is half the weight of the Nikon kit and a quarter the weight of the Hasselblad kit.

For film I am taking two 24-exposure rolls of HP5 Plus and a 24-exposure roll of Tri-X. It’s unlikely I’ll use all three rolls.  Based on the weather forecast I’ll put a roll of HP5 Plus in the camera before we leave. I’ll decide which film to use for a second roll, if needed, based on what is happening with the light.

And best of all, the whole kit fits nicely in my small Filson field bag.

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