Twelve Exposures

Some time ago I switched from 36 exposure rolls of 35mm film to 24 exposure rolls. I was holding the two ends of the film when it came out of the developing tank and snapping the film, rather than wiping it, to remove excess water. The 36 exposure rolls were right at the limit of my reach. I would occasionally lose my grip on one end and let it drop to the floor. Not a good thing. Switching to 24 exposure rolls solved that problem. 

I hoped it would help with another problem too. Continue reading “Twelve Exposures”

A Brief Introduction

I started taking pictures with a 127 Kodak Brownie in about 1952. The film was Kodak Verichrome Pan. The developing and printing was done by Walgreens in Cushing Oklahoma.

Sixty six years later I am still taking pictures with black and white film, but the cameras are now old LTM Leicas, I do my own developing, scanning and digital printing, and I live on the Jersey Shore. Continue reading “A Brief Introduction”