Workflow Overview


The picture of the Cadillac Eldorado in my last post was taken with a 35mm film camera in 1972 or thereabouts, and here it is in 2018 in digital form on the Internet. So how did that happen?

Within a few days of taking the picture I developed the roll of Panatomic-X and printed an 8×10 glossy contact sheet in my home darkroom. 

46 years later, I still have the negatives in NegaFile sleeves and the contact sheet in a ring binder. It took me 2 or 3 minutes to find the contact sheet and retrieve the strip of film with the picture I wanted.

I digitized the negative image as a RAW file using a Fuji X-T20 camera and 50mm Schneider Componon S lens with a Leitz BEOON copy stand on a Logan light box. (see above).

I converted the Fuji X-Trans RAW file to a DNG file using Iridient X-Transformer.

I opened the DNG file in Affinity Photo where I inverted the image, cropped and straightened it slightly, and adjusted the white and black levels. The scan was clean enough to need no digital spotting. Finally, I exported the image to my iMac desktop as a JPG.

I uploaded the JPG file from the iMac desktop to my Flickr camera roll and linked it from there to this blog post. A big thank you to Dan James at 35hunter for explaining how to link the Flickr file to the WordPress blog!

3 thoughts on “Workflow Overview”

  1. Nice setup Doug! I just happened to post some comparisons between scans with my Plustek Opticfilm 8100 scanner I have used for some years now and the digital camera way I’m exploring right now.

    My setup (cheap tripod and cheap chinese LED light tablet) is not yet perfect but the results are clear. The scanner is going to eBay!

    Even if it were only for the time it saves me! But as a bonus the ‘scans’ are quite significantly better than from the scanner. I don’t want to say that the Plustek is a bad scanner. It’s one of the best (and slowest) at this price point. Certainly better than a flatbed scanner.


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