A Brief Introduction

I started taking pictures with a 127 Kodak Brownie in about 1952. The film was Kodak Verichrome Pan. The developing and printing was done by Walgreens in Cushing Oklahoma.

Sixty six years later I am still taking pictures with black and white film, but the cameras are now old LTM Leicas, I do my own developing, scanning and digital printing. I live on the Jersey Shore.

I’ve tried starting a photography blog several times but have never gotten past the first entry. My problem has been a lack of focus – what topics should I include, and what topics should I avoid. But recently an online friend asked how I do my scanning and I thought writing it up once and putting it someplace where others could read it too might be a good idea.

So today anyway, I’m thinking the focus here will to discuss, often in detail, whatever topic concerning my photo equipment, materials or process is on my mind that day.

5 thoughts on “A Brief Introduction”

  1. Doug, sounds a good plan for writing new posts. I think if you get stuck for ideas you can always brainstorm and do “list” posts (10 Reasons I Still Shoot Film, stuff like that) then for each of those do a more in depth post. But I have found that whenever I write a new post I get offshoot ideas along the way anyway. Just jot them down (or start them as new draft posts) so you don’t forget. I learned a long time ago that I don’t remember a fraction of the ideas I think I will, unless I write them down so they can’t escape!


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