Admitting Defeat [Edited]


I haven’t posted for a while because I haven’t taken any film pictures since November. I have film in several of my all-manual cameras but increasing vision related focus issues and camera shake over the past year have reduced my number of “keepers” to nearly zero and I am tired of developing and digitizing the negatives with so little to show for the effort. 

One possible solution to these particular issues has been staring me in the face for some time. On the shelf over my desk, along with a small collection of old Kodak film cameras, the newest dating to 1953, sits the Nikon F6 that I got in a swap for some LF gear a number of years ago but never really used.

I did play with the F6 on a few occasions. I found the menus and controls confusing and the size and weight off-putting. But focus and exposure were always spot on and, with the VR lens that came with it, camera shake was not an issue. And now, since this may make the difference between taking film pictures at all or giving it up, I am determined to give the F6 a good try.

I just put fresh batteries and a roll of Tri-X in the F6. Wish me luck…

[EDITED ON 01/10/19 TO ADD]

Two days on, and I am ready to admit defeat. After putting just one roll of film through it I am so put off by everything about the F6 that I am certain I would never enjoy using it. I need a different solution.

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