Change of Direction


A recent fall put me out of commission for a while, hence no posts here, and got me to finally admit that walking around town looking for photo opportunities might not be the best way for an elderly man with compromised balance and failing eyesight to pursue his interest in photography. I need to stay a lot closer to home.

Last week I got out my contact sheet binders and flagged the rolls of film shot on or very near our property in the last few years. The outdoor shots are repetitive and, frankly, pretty boring. In contrast, I like a lot of the closeups and still life pictures. And virtually all of those pictures that I particularly like were taken with the Hasselblad on a tripod. The above picture, taken as part of a film comparison, isn’t one of my best, but it does show off the ability of MF film, FP4 Plus in this case, to capture the nuances of the middle tones.

Barring any further surprises, I’ll finish up the series of posts about the cost of hybrid film photography next week.


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