Random Thoughts

180618 – My dalliance with MF continues. A recent episode affecting my “good” eye is making focusing with a rangefinder or a small SLR viewfinder window more and more difficult. I find the easiest to focus of all my film cameras is the Hasselblad 500C/M with a plain Accu-Matte screen. I’ve started experimenting again with digitizing MF negatives with the BEOON setup.

180608a – In furtherance of my effort to disentangle myself from social media I thought I’d try linking to a public image in tinypic. I used it for that purpose years ago and didn’t know if it would still work. Here goes…35i5fmuIt looks like it works. The downside, of course, is that the image is public on the tinypic site so I can’t use it for family pictures.

180608 – I bought an OTVXO vertical viewfinder for the Visoflex II on eBay for about a quarter of the going price. It was misidentified by the seller. It should make tabletop photography a little easier. —- Still working my way through the roll of PAN F in the IIIg. This 36-exposure business is ridiculous. I should just take the roll out and develop it.

180530 – I just put a 36-exposure roll of PAN F film in the IIIg and attached the Voigtländer VC Meter II. I haven’t used the IIIg in months, I’ve sworn off rolls of film with more than 12 exposures, I don’t think I’ve ever used PAN F, and I very seldom use the VC Meter. I have no idea where this is going.

180520-1 – In the last few weeks I have looked closely at about 100 of my old contact sheets and about 20 of my father’s. My first observation is that my father was a better photographer than I will ever be. My second observation is that most of my better photographs were of subjects that were new to me when I took the picture. And that is discouraging because as time goes by I am less and less comfortable getting out and about.

180520 – Sometimes things come to mind that I’d like to write about but there’s not enough there to justify a blog post. For example, I’ve been redoing some of my older contact sheets and I am pretty discouraged by what I see. I’ll try to collect my thoughts this afternoon and write something here.